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The rooms located in this area are only used for teaching.

Our school of Divonne-les-bains is located in the Pays de Gex, chemin de la colombière, in bureaux d’Yvon et d’Yvonne.

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Individual courses

Individual course schedules are at your convenience with a maximum of 6 hours per day and a minimum of 1 hour per week. We offer classes from 7am to 9pm by appointment.  The school operates on the principle of continuous enrolment, the schedules are modifiable and adaptable according to your availability.

Group courses

To better satisfy you, we offer tailor-made timetables and open group lessons from 3 students. Contact us to inform us of your availability and we will make sure to set up a group course at the times that suit you.

Intensive group courses

The intensive courses will allow you to progress quickly with various formulas. They are dispensed in the Pays de Gex, as the case may be, in Thoiry, Ferney-Voltaire or by visio.

Renseignements sur les cours intensifs


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