Our Schools

Our language courses are given in pleasant and comfortable rooms from 7 am to 9 pm.

Whichever school you choose to attend, quality courses, a friendly atmosphere, and a warm welcome will always await you. Our classes are taught by highly trained and experienced teachers who will share their passion for languages and will always listen and adapt to your most specific needs. It is this quality of teaching that enables us to give you the highest level of training and education.

Don’t hesitate, visit your nearest center!

At The Language Center you get:

  • a level evaluation and a detailed analysis of your needs and goals, in order to determine the program that suits you best. For example: test preparation, language learning for naturalisation, presentation techniques, etc.
  • teaching methods to suit your needs and expectations;
  • a comprehensive tracking system to regularly measure your progress on specific topics such as pronunciation, grammar and syntax, vocabulary, and cultural knowledge;
  • satisfaction surveys, such as feedback questionnaires, to give you the opportunity to evaluate your courses and teachers.

Schools in France

Four schools with the same great atmosphere and the same classes offer!


Online Classes

Travelling or living a little too far from our schools? No worries. We offer online classes on Skype, with our great teachers. Just get in touch with us and we will give you more details and check availability.

We can offer a combination of online courses and school-based courses to allow you to progress at every level, according to your needs.

We also have 24/7 online classes. Please contact us for more information.

Online classes