Specific offers for VISA applications

You need to apply for a French VISA? No problem – we’re here to help you.

Offer 1 : group classes only
Payment in one instalment

Group classes:67h30
Conversation club:90h
Total: 337h30
Price:1825 €*

Offer 2 : blended classes (group and individual classes)
Possibility of paying in two instalments

Group classes:90h
Individual classes:48h
Conversation club:90h
Total: 408h
Prices: 5200 €*

* All our prices include VAT.

For any certificate of enrolment in language courses as part of a visa application, both the enrolment and the payment must be made before the first class. As soon as the enrolment is fully completed, a certificate of registration will be provided. No reimbursement will be made, unless valid and verifiable proof is provided. If applicable, administrative fees of € 790 will nonetheless be non-refundable.