Our Classes

No matter your age or level, we have a class for you!

The Language Center Kids

Language learning promotes intellectual development.

The earlier you start to learn a language and use it actively, the easier it is to reach the desired objective.

Languages learned at an early age greatly improve job opportunities once you enter the workforce.

The Program

  • Adapted to the specific needs of children
  • Based on language games, songs and stories.

The Langage Center Teens

Your child can develop or enhance middle or high school language skills with The Language Center Teens. This program provides remedial or enrichment instruction.

The program

  • Learn at your own pace, individually or in groups.
  • Focus on individual needs or personal goals.
  • Work with native, fluent instructors.
  • Develop real language skills for the real world.
  • Feel secure using methods similar to those used in college or high school in combination with ours.
  • The Language Center Teens is the ideal solution to help your child succeed in language learning for school and university entrance.

The Langage Center Adults

At The Language Center, whatever the chosen formula, you get:

  • a level evaluation and a detailed analysis of your needs and goals to determine the program that best suits you. For example, exam preparation, learning language for naturalization, presentation techniques, etc.
  • teaching methods to suit your needs and your expectations.
  • comprehensive tracking system to measure your progress regularly on specific topics such as pronunciation, grammar, syntax, vocabulary and cultural knowledge.
  • administrative follow through satisfaction questionnaires giving you the ability to evaluate your courses and teachers.

Take your classes the way you want!

The Language Center Just you!

We offer individual or group lessons in school, at home or at your place of work.

It is also possible to combine individual lessons and group lessons if you wish.


Maximum flexibility: courses adaptable to

  • your schedule
  • your language goals, private and/or professional.

Take into account your specific requests on the course content

  • the method or learning materials chosen
  • your learning pace


  • Each individual course is entirely tailored to the students’ needs and goals.
  • The best vocabulary, grammar, business English, conversation, pronunciation, and exam preparation tools are proposed. With time and work, your linguistic objectives will be reached quickly.

The Language Center Teams

Some participants find it easier and more fun to learn a new language with other people, so we suggest you to study in small groups with a maximum of 8 participants at a level equivalent to yours. Enjoy the synergy and interaction of the group to progress in a friendly atmosphere!

It is also possible to combine individual lessons and group lessons if you wish.


  • Group of people at the same level with similar objectives.
  • Maximum number of participants is limited to 8 – minimum 2 participants.
  • Economical and practical alternative.
  • Synergy group allowing progress through the dynamics of teamwork.
  • Individualized progress monitoring for each participant.

Not sure about your skills? Take our test!

The Language Center test system combines an online test of 100 questions with a 15-minute oral test. This assessment, both written and oral, enables you to establish your real level at the beginning of the course.

At the end of your program with The Language Center, we offer you the opportunity to retest your written and oral skills, in order to measure your progress between the beginning and end of your training.