Personal Entitlement to Training

The Compte Personnel de Formation (CPF – the French ‘Personal Entitlement to Training’ law) gives every employee the chance to access professional training courses designed to develop tailor-made individual skills.

As a training center, The Language Center is recognized as an institution that provides eligible training to CPF. As such, The Language Center is a registered training organisation under the number 82 01 00902 01. This registration does not constitute state approval.

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Personal Entitlement to Training

What is it ?

Since January 1st 2015, the individual entitlement to training is replaced by the personal training account. This new system allows you to acquire each year a training hours credit mobilized for training.

Its specificity?

Rights acquired in the CPF are kept throughout your professional life (as soon as you enter the workforce until your retirement). Even in case of business change or unemployment period.

The account is powered by years of wage labor, and at a rate of 24 hours per year until reaching 120 hours (based on a full-time) and 12 hours a year within the limit of a total of 150 hours.

Which training?

Only some actions can be taken in the CPF: actions to access qualification or certification on a list established by the social partners (diploma, professional title, certificate of qualification).

How to proceed?

If the number of hours registered in the CPF (and, if applicable, hours of DIF recorded December 31, 2014) are sufficient to follow a qualifying training, validation of the project by the employment center is not necessary: you can follow action without prior agreement.

Otherwise (insufficient number of hours), the training project must be validated by the employment center.


First step to take to receive your CPF: activate your personal entitlement to training on – the official site on which the eligible training CPF are all listed.